Bacon Drenched Tilapia

My kids will eat anything with bacon.  So will my husband.  So this dish is a win-win situation.  Try this when you are trying to get your kids to eat fish.  The original recipe had onions and capers.  So I made a few kid friendly fixes.

delish bacon topping.

delish bacon topping.



Tilapia fillets - pat dry

Raw Bacon - cut into bite size pieces


Grape Tomatoes



Italian Shredded Cheese


place bacon in frying pan.  Cook through but not until crispy.

remove bacon (place in heat preserving dish) and leave half the fat in the frying pan.

lightly flour tilapia fillets on each side and place in frying pan.  salt/pepper to taste.

cook tilapia for ~3min each side.

remove fish and put bacon back in the frying pan with the peas, tomatoes and salt/pepper to taste.

cook until bacon is slightly crispy.

top tilapia fillets with cheese and bacon/tomato mixture.