Simply Salmon


With kids, I rarely have time to read through recipes with 15 ingredients.  I have about 30 seconds to memorize the entire recipe before I am tackled by a hungry 3 year old or overpowered by my mobile-device addicted toddler.  So here is an amazingly quick recipe for those who need some healthy fats in their family's diet.



sock-eye salmon

EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

kosher salt

ground pepper




place baking sheet top rack in oven.  set oven to broil.

place salmon fillet on aluminum foil.

rub EVOO, salt and pepper into the fillet.

pull hot baking sheet out of oven and transfer aluminum foil onto the sheet.

this helps fish cook from both sides.

broil fish for 10-12 minutes depending on how thick fillet is.

make sure the salmon is flaky all the way through.

tear fish apart to remove bones for the kiddos.

top with cubed avocado.